B-Plan Competition


Engendea is a business model competition organized by SESC, IIT Indore in its flagship event, E-Summit. It is a day-long competition in which groups of students form a team and compete with each other. Teams start with an idea from scratch and convert it into a practical business model. Then these models are presented to a judging panel who evaluates and awards the most impressive ideas. The event aims to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among the student community and alongside teaching them how to prepare a business plan. The event will be carried out in two rounds and the winners of the competition are rewarded with hefty cash prizes.
Impressive ideas also stand a chance to pitch their ideas in front of a panel consisting of Investors and Mentors and an opportunity to raise funding.

Rules and regulations

1. Each team must have at least three to at most five people.
2. Multiple teams from the same organization are allowed to participate in the event.
3. Judgement for winner and runner up will be based on the performance in both the rounds.
4. The decision made by the judges shall be final. SESC, IIT Indore retains the right to evaluate all the ideas and change the eligibility criteria at any stage of the competition.
5. Participants shall be disqualified if they are proven to have provided fraudulent information or have used unethical means at any stage of the competition.

Eligibility Criteria

There is no restriction on any individual to participate. Members of any educational or professional fraternities are welcome to participate.


Round 1:

In this round teams are required to register online and submit an abstract of their idea along with answers to some of the basic questions which will be evaluated by Judges and Mentors.

Evaluation will be done on the following basis:
1.What’s innovative about the idea?
2.What real-life problem that it targets to solve?
3.How feasible is the solution proposed?
4.What market opportunities it has?

After going through the evaluation process, the selected top 15 teams will be called for Round 2 during the E-Summit IIT Indore.

Round 2:

Each team has to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of Judges. A total of 6 minutes is allotted for a presentation and 4 minutes is for a QnA session in which the panel may question the team.
Each presentation should be accompanied by a PPSX file of at most 10 slides.

Evaluation will be done on the following basis:
1.What makes your product/service different?
2.What competitive advantage it possesses? (SWOT analysis is recommended)
3.What market opportunities it has?
4.What are your goals and targeted milestones? (SMART approach is recommended)
5.What is the revenue model of the business?

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